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The Virginia Council for Private Education (VCPE) is the ONLY organization that has recognition granted through state statute §22.1-19 of the Code of Virginia, under the authority of the Virginia Board of Education to oversee the accreditation of private schools in Virginia.  

NOTE: The schools listed in this search engine are currently recognized as ACCREDITED schools in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Private schools not appearing on this list may voluntarily apply for state recognized accreditation with one or more of VCPE's recognized accrediting associations.

  • This list is not intended for official verification of a private schools accreditation in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Official verification of school accreditation and verification of grades accredited must be requested directly from VCPE at 
  • Accredited status only applies to the school locations listed. (Select the school name to view the school accreditation details.) School locations not listed may not be accredited.                             
  •  All grades served may not be accredited. (Select the school name to view the grades accredited.)

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