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Patriot Day & Freedom Flag: An Official Symbol of 9/11 Remembrance

31 Aug 2021 9:35 AM | Anonymous

In advance of the 20th anniversary of 9/11 (Patriot Day), VCPE is pleased to share this invitation from the Freedom Flag Foundation to join in a National Patriot Day Call to Action by raising 9/11 Freedom Flags on Friday Sept. 10th below the US Flag, reading the meaning of the Freedom Flag (below) followed by a moment of silence. Consider inviting a member of your local first responder and/or military community to use this historic 20th anniversary to thank and honor them for their service and sacrifice!

** To order a Freedom Flag for a Patriot Day remembrance, visit and use Promo Code NEVERFORGET (10% school disc.). Order by Noon Friday Sept. 3 to assure arrival before Friday 9/10. All orders include the attached Call to Action and Freedom Flag Protocol (fully promotes and abides by US Flag protocols).

Why Fly a 9/11 Freedom Flag? Since 9/11, 70 million children have been born in the US (over 20% of our pop.). The Freedom Flag symbolism is an effective platform from which to teach the topic of 9/11 to students of all ages in an easy-to-remember, non-threatening manner. 20 years after 9/11, many schools struggle to teach about our "modern day of infamy," a day that altered the course of modern history. The simple symbolism of the Freedom Flag solves that problem.

For those interested in the Freedom Flag in book form, copies of Unfurling the Freedom Flag - A 9/11 Story are available under the Order a Book tab (water color illustrations, age appropriate K-5, or 6-12 ESL). You can watch a reading here:

Additional Freedom Flag information and free resources can be found at on the Downloads tab.

Direct any questions to: or (804) 741-1117. 100% of proceeds support the Freedom Flag Foundation's ongoing 9/11-related educational outreach by the Foundation in Virginia and across the 50 states.


The Freedom Flag is Virginia's Official Flag of Remembrance for Sept. 11, 2001 (VAC 1-510), our Nation's only codified 9/11 Flag of Remembrance. Originally sketched on a napkin by a Virginian just days after 9/11, the Freedom Flag has been flown in thousands of schools and fire stations across the Commonwealth, and this year it will be raised across the country as part of this National Call to Action.

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